Surrender and Allowance

We all have these stories. Well, hold on, I don’t want to force any points of view on you. Maybe you don’t.

Ahem. Let’s start over.

A lot of people have these stories. Stories that they should be doing something instead of what they’re doing, stories that something should have gone a different way than it did, stories that they should be different, or that they would be better off being a different way, or that they have ‘less worth’ (kinda made up) because of this thing, or that. A lot of these stories probably came from people they were around when they grew up, or from ways of thinking that their ‘tribe’ or group they are close to harbor, and knowingly (or unknowingly), some people perpetuate these ideas in order to ‘fit in’, or because they heard it or read it once and aren’t yet sure what else to say in conversation, even if they don’t quite truly feel what their ‘tribe’ perpetuates, or what they’re perpetuating, is true. (‘Fitting in vs. not fitting in' also seems kind of made up, as I type this. Who made this up??) (Second set of parenthesis, the other thing is, their ‘tribe’ might not even truly feel those things they are perpetuating are actually true either!)

Sometimes people have stories that they should be happy and in a great state, even when they’re not! And truly, at a certain point of learning to work with energy and consciousness, it is entirely possible to easily create and/or step into amazing states of being on command! However, sometimes even those people who do that find themselves in states of glum, sadness, triggered-ness, whatever you want to call it, but you know what I’m talking about here, states that many, according to their stories, don’t want to be in.

But what if it’s ok? All of it. Even the stories. The states, the stories, the glum, the happy, the sad, the whatever and wherever and whoever and whenever you find yourself experiencing, whether you think you should be experiencing something different, or better, or not, or whatever. What if you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, experiencing what you’re supposed to be experiencing, and there’s nothing wrong with it, not even you thinking there’s something wrong with it? What if even that’s ok? What if it’s ok to think there’s something wrong with what you’re experiencing?

And I say all of this because, if you zoom out, and you look at things as ‘just an experience’, if you look at this as, “Source is all, (God is all, Consciousness is all, The Universe is all, hey, it’s all wordplay, I ask that you know what I’m talking about, if you are willing) and I am Source, here, experiencing, well… Source, which makes up me and my life and my living and everything I encounter”… then all of a sudden what this becomes is a golden opportunity to experience. Because, is that not what you are doing? You get to experiencethought. You get to experience taking action. You get to experience human relationships, love affairs, romance, friendship, interaction, and whatever else comes up. And right now, wherever you are, whatever you are going through, whoever you are, you are experiencing.And to clarify, in no way does what you are experiencing determine your value or worth, in no way does it truly define you… For if Source is all, then Source is you, and you are Source, and your value can never be undermined (it is infinite and always there, fully so). You may be experiencing stories and patterns that provide an experience that seems different than that… but it is what it is, an experience, a story you are coming from that paints your point of view in a way that provides that experience.

…and there’s nothing wrong with that. It might not be ideal, or your first choice upon conscious realization… however, there’s no wrongness about it, or you, or any of it. It’s just an experience.

Now, that awareness can allow you to choose something you’d rather experience, but let’s come back to that later, perhaps in another article. You can also just hold that idea in your awareness for a bit while you ponder this article.

What I’m not saying is ‘wallow in that thing that sucks’, though, there’s nothing wrong with that choice if you make it. What I am saying is, if you surrender to it, to where you are at, to what you are experiencing, realize there’s nothing wrong with it, even if you feel there’s something wrong with it, and you have to realize there’s nothing wrong with you feeling like there’s something wrong with it, (Dear God I hope that made sense to you), then all of a sudden, as you sit there, consciously experiencing whatever it is that is occurring…

It becomes so much easier to shift. As in, after a while of simply being aware of what’s going on, and accepting it, it can shift quite naturally, readily, and easily, when it is the right timing. Without any force. Without much effort beyond your conscious awareness resting upon your experience, upon what it is that is occurring. When you accept it, you may find it shifts all on its own, in the right time. That might be a few hours. Could be a day or two. You’ll know it because it will just… shift. And that ‘hidden passageway’ out of that state of being ‘appears’ as if out of thin air, the processing that needed to occur having occurred, and suddenly you are free and open and riding onwards into the next phase of your experiencing. The ‘issue’ dissolves.

What I mean by surrender is simply be ok with it happening, even if you have to be ok with not being ok with it happening. Hold it all in your awareness. Consciously experience it. There’s nothing wrong with it. Realize there is a greater plan at work, that the Universe knows best, if that helps, even if you don’t think you know the reason, or don’t want to know the reason. It is simply allowing what is to be what is, and allowing yourself to be there, without fight, without turmoil, or with fight and/or turmoil, if that’s where you are at.

Because, it’s all ok. All of it. Despite all of the stories to the contrary, which are completely made up, by humans, it is ok, and it will be ok, it is just an experience, and it is here to be experienced, and you are experiencing it, and eventually your body will die, but you will be ok, because you are infinite, and you are Source, but you won’t get to experience with that body anymore.

So what if every experience you get to have with this body is something to be treasured? Even the ones that don’t seem so fun? What if this is a gift? All of it? What if it’s all something you can be grateful for? And what if, oddly enough, that gratitude for everything reduces the number of not-preferred experiences, and brings about a greater number of preferred ones?

And what if you can be grateful and joyful through any experience? Not just the ones your stories say are good?

And at the same time, what if it’s completely ok if you don’t?

Written by Brandon Bloom

Brandon is certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in Traditional Usui Reiki, channels his guides, the angelic collective of Xorbítal, offers intuitive/tarot/oracle readings, and also works with Valeyu-Mí, a form of energy work/healing he's been channelling through and is currently teaching classes for. If you’re interested in any of his services please visit

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