• Alex

Yoga Takes Practice

I know plenty of yoga teachers or yogis that have heard this one, a million times!! 😂😂 Just like with meditation, I always say it is a practice! 😊 Yoga isn't always meant to be so quiet, or serious. It takes on many forms or energetic qualities! But it can certainly be playful! 🤸🏻‍♀️ If you feel uncomfortable, nervous, self conscious or anything when it comes to yoga - please remember that everyone's body is different! We all have different physical strengths, flexbilities and skeletal systems. Yoga is an ancient system, which is meant to heal, strengthen, elongate and bring relief to the body. But yoga is not simply limited to the physical asanas (postures), it extends to other layers of our beings too! And I looooove that yoga offers healing for all layers of our being! So even if you're working through a sequence in a class or on your own, it may also be calming for the mind and the emotions. (Who doesn't need a little peace in their minds and their hearts?) ☮ ❤ I encourage those of you who may be reluctant to try out yoga, find a class or a teacher you feel you may be comfortable with and give it a shot! There are so many incredible teachers out there, and many of them will meet you where you're at! If something at home/one on one, is more your thing, then find some yoga videos at the store, look online or find a yoga teacher you can work one on one with! My passion in life is to help others, and especially to make sure people feel comfortable, in their own skin and in their surroundings! For those of you who know me, you may not think of me as shy but I've spent most of my life feeling very uncomfortable in my skin and surroundings. Some people may know and see this, and many are completely clueless. 😂😅 But, that's cuz I've not talked about it so openly before. I admit this is something I'm still sort of working through, and I know I'm not alone. But it's taken consistency, focus, self love, practice and so many other things to feel a little comfortable within myself and my body. In the past many times, I have shied away from being in certain group fitness settings or not allowed myself just to be a little vulnerable in order to progress. But eventually, I stumbled onto yoga and a group of people that I really could trust. There was no judgement, I was simply met where I was at. Who could ask for anything more profound or beautiful? Being met where I was at, was extremely healing and literally life changing for me, and for this I'm so deeply grateful. 💙💜🙏🏼 So I encourage you, if you feel yoga calls to you, meet yourself where you're at! Maybe try some simple yoga poses at home, some chair yoga, meditation or whatever you are wanting to learn more about! One little step is all it takes to gain a little progress. You may not be able to wrap yourself in a pretzel on your first try, but that doesn't mean there isn't potential!! 😉 If you have read this far and may be interested in trying a class, please visit me at Full Circle Health & Wellness. I always love having new students!! I also offer reiki services, intuitive readings and workshops. 🙃 Also, for those who may be interested in an *online* monthly yoga membership. I will be launching this soon, and it will only be $20 a month! This is perfect for those who want to deepen their practice at home, get some yoga/meditation in on their lunch break or the master traveler! The membership will consist of: ~ Monthly yoga practices ~ Meditations ~ Sun Salutation videos for all new members ~ Mantra ~ Private Facebook group ~ Montly special - This may be a channeled session, tarot/oracle session or even a remote group healing session. ~ And more! For those of you who have read this whole post, thank you for taking the time to read! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and is excited about the New Year ahead! Thank you for all of your support, your love and your kindness. I'm looking forward to 2020 and excited to grow with so many of you! Any questions, please feel free to Email me at Namaste beautiful souls!! 🙏🕉 Written by: Dayna Booker