Infinite Compassion

As someone who channels, I get a lot of messages, and those can be through writing, verbally as I speak to others (or am spoken through to others), directly as I sit and be, or while I’m working, pretty much whenever would be best to receive a message.

(For those of you who are not yet familiar with channelling, essentially, a higher power speaks through you for the highest good of whoever you’re speaking to, though in truth, the Universe is you, Source is you, and you are the Universe, you are made up of Source, so it is a bit like channelling a higher part of yourself that is infinitely intelligent and wise, and knows everything. This can show up in a lot of different ways, talking to angels, channelling God, etc. and it can show up a little differently for each person who does it, though we would argue that everyone has the capacity, as no one is separate from Source, the infinite that is all. The Universe works through everyone, as no one is separate from the Universe or the infinite intelligence therein. There is a bit more to it than that, however, that’s the cliff notes version. Go ace that test!)

Sitting down to write this and hearing the title “Infinite Compassion”, I was shown a passage from a book I’ve been writing… though, more accurate than ‘book’ might be the descriptor: a document on my computer with a smorgasbord of channellings that have been accruing. I’d like to place it here for anyone who may need to read it. Here goes:

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Everyone is Loved

If Source is all, and all is Source, and each of us is The Light incarnate, consciousness experiencing itself, then no one is separate from the Love that the Universe is, that Source is. We, all of us, are The Light, are Love, are Consciousness, and thus, no amount of Love will be spared from anyone if they ask for it, if they choose to receive it. Not much of the human patterning was the choice of our human selves- even if it was the choice of who and what we truly be. We can know that, since Source is us, that which is and makes up the entirety of the Universe you are experiencing, it knows, in detail beyond words, everything you have experienced up to this point, everything you are experiencing, and everything you could possibly experience in the future. If you knew every detail beyond words of what you’ve gone through up to this point, and what you’re going through now, would you probably feel far more compassionate towards yourself than you could possibly imagine? So, this infinite intelligence that is all is, in fact, rather compassionate and loving. Infinite compassion comes to mind. No matter where someone is at in life, no matter what they’ve done, no matter who, or what, they thinkthey are… they are loved and cared for beyond imagination, despite any thoughts or stories (made up) to the contrary. This love, Universal, accessible to all, is readily at hand, and all you need do to experience it is ask to experience it. There is no judgement from GOD, from Source, from the Universe. There is understanding, there is gentleness, there is Grace. There is compassion, for if you saw The Universe from the highest place, you would realize there was no wrong, only perfection. Even in the aspects that trigger humans, there is a rightness, and it is in fighting this realization of ‘rightness’, an attempt at creating wrongness, which perpetuates suffering on Earth. For when we pause, step back, and see things as they are, it becomes easier to see the grace flowing to each situation which needs it, to those who are ready for it, for those who will receive it and be open to it. And when we accept what is, the possibility for change to occur, for things to get better, opens way up. When we open to further possibility, rather than restricting what has occurred, or what is occurring, to being a certain way, particularly through judgements of ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, we can then change what is occurring; as we have not judged it a certain way, it can become something else, something more loving, more true, more aligned, something ‘better’.

What’s being said is, there is no need to ‘freeze’ things in your perspective to being a certain way, and judgement can be an agent which freezes these things to being a certain way in one’s perspective. When there is no judgement, things are freed up to flow and transform, to being something better in our experiences, in our lives. You are invited to release judgement and see the truth, and you can begin this process simply by requesting to the Universe that this happens, as when you set the intention, energy begins to flow to manifest this possibility into your experience. You are the Universe, and the Universe is you, and thus, the Universe, in its entirety, is fully aware of the requests you make of it. It is intelligent, infinitely so, so it can’t get it wrong. It is not without discernment. It is not just manifesting whatever you think about, for the Universe is far more forgiving, far more merciful, and far more compassionate, far more wise (infinitely wise), than to ‘mindlessly’ manifest your thoughts, unless that is what you want, at which point, that is the reality you have created in your universe. The point is, it doesn’t have to be that way, and you can live within a potently loving, magnanimous and merciful, forgiving and supporting, infinitely abundant and peaceful Universe, though you are the Universe and are not living within it so much as actively creating your experience of it, of you.

We invite you to actively receive the love you inherently are, to receive the infinite love the Universe has in store for you, that the Universe is, and to see it play out in the world, in the highest and best ways. Simply ask, make the request, and open to receive the knowing of the Love that the Universe is. It will come.

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My guides, who refer to themselves as The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal, channelled that one through me a while back, however, with what I’ve been running into lately in my personal life, and seeing what others in my life have been running into, it feels pertinent.

There is so much stuff coming up for everyone, stuff to be released, stuff they haven’t dealt with, or otherwise, just stuff that needs to be taken care of. It is almost like The Universe is doing a deep clean collectively, with everything getting rebooted, reset, and set on a better path, individuals included.

In the interim, however, with so much stuff coming up, it is important, I feel, that we turn to compassion as frequently as possible. Compassion for ourselves, through any and all emotions and triggers, whether we know what’s causing it or not, compassion for others dealing with their wounds, and compassion for our past selves, and what we’ve gone through before that may now be surfacing to be released or further healed.

I so love the question, “If you knew every detail beyond words of what you’ve gone through up to this point, and what you’re going through now, would you probably feel far more compassionate towards yourself than you could possibly imagine?”

And you can apply that to others too. The ones feeling fear, the ones feeling anger and blame, the ones lashing out at others on social media, through memes or otherwise, and if any of those are or were you, through any of this, or any other time, you can have compassion for that. If you encounter uncertainty: compassion and empathy. It will be ok. So oftentimes I am guided to tell the people around me: “It’s going to be ok”, and the same for right now, I am compelled to write: It will be ok.

For, like the channeled message says, we are all beloved. Infinitely so. Even those who feel fear, anger, or who are choosing to lash out. Even the ones you feel hurt by. Oh, and definitely you too. We are all going through something, at least here and there, with how everything has been playing out, and yes, with everything I’ve been getting, I truly feel everything is going to be ok… better than ok, even, long term. When it comes to any ‘hiccups’ or ‘bumps in the road’, have compassion. Take care of yourself. Trust the outcomes and move forward, for in the end, you are loved unconditionally and infinitely. We all are. For Source is all of us, Source is this experience, and we are here, Source experiencing this experience, and throughout all of this experience we get to have here on Earth, we are fully supported in the highest and best ways, fully loved, and, with boundless compassion, we are never judged beyond the surface levels of human interaction. Oftentimes, those who can see the truth do not judge, they simply see the truth as it is. A judgement is always a lie.

And, with that, dear, beautiful beings, I wish you the best now and going forward! And may compassion flow to you in all ways that would be highest and best for you, should it be in your highest good!

Oh, and on a parting note, if you need more of anything, or would like more of anything, compassion, clarity, love… ask the Universe for it.

Blog written by Brandon Bloom

Brandon is certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in Traditional Usui Reiki, channels his guides, the angelic collective of Xorbítal, offers intuitive/tarot/oracle readings, and also works with Valeyu-Mí, a form of energy work/healing he's been channelling through and is currently teaching classes for.

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