Donna R

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Facilitator


For a number of years, Donna has worked as a hospice volunteer. She has studied and worked with Numerology and Tarot for decades, and she gives readings using Archangel Tarot. Donna is a Certified Reiki Master in Usui Holy Fire Reiki and is attuned to AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy, Level Three. Donna has attended seminars at the Chopra Center in San Diego, and she has completed training and workshops through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts and Susan Wisehart's Body Mind Spirit. She has also been gifted a healing modality using essential oils in both single as well as group sessions, Donna offers six Blessings:

· Forgiveness: Release hurtful memories in order to move beyond emotional barriers. With this comes the ability to forgive yourself and others, while removing resistance and blocks. Let go of emotions that no longer serve you.

· Release: Facilitate the ability to let go of anger and frustration; promote harmony and balance.

· Transformation: Be empowered and uphold changes you want to make in your belief system. Through new thought patters, a transformation in behaviors, emotions and attitudes is possible.

· Higher Unity: Inspires personal focus and spiritual balance and evokes feelings of openness and unity with one's self and others.

· Surrender: Cast off the inhibitions that control your life. In surrendering to the process, you lose attachment to the outcomes which limit your potential.

· Fulfill You Destiny: Create an empowering atmosphere that encourages feelings of clarity and motivation, through which you will find the focus to achieve your goals and unlock your highest potential.

In Donna's own words: "The desire to understand and empower myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, has evolved into a journey to achieve my life purpose to help and empower others."

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