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Greta started yoga when she was a freshman in college. Everyone gets in their funks, has their off days, and she found yoga could frequently shake her from those feelings. Through yoga, she has healed herself in ways she had not thought possible. It not only made her more intune with her body, and also increased her appreciation for herself. She has come to know that after every session, she always feels better than at the start of the session. Yoga has given her a beautiful connection of mind and body, strength, confidence and a sense of calm on and off the mat. She chose to teach yoga to pass along knowledge, as she wishes to show others all the benefits of the practice. She teaches for Full Circle Health and Wellness (vinyasa), Riverfit Yoga (vinyasa, restorative and hot yoga) and special events for the McHenry County Conservation District (vinyasa).

She has been lucky enough to grow up with a strong connection to nature. Greta graduated from Beloit College in 2018 with a major in Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Biology and has a minor in Museum Studies. In her spare time she likes to practice yoga, cook, craft, care for her houseplants, tend to her vegetable garden and forage for mushrooms in the warmer months.

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