Dr. Lindsey Halprin-Givens

Lindsey H

LCPC, BCC, DCC,Reiki Master Teacher/Quantum Touch Practitioner
Certified Animal and Crystal Reiki practitioner


Lindsey is fascinated with symbolism and color and continues to explore both in her personal and professional life. In her work as a counselor and chaplain Lindsey uses her knowledge of symbols and colors to find understanding of life events and to help others create meaning and depth in their lives.

Lindsey finds that Tarot and/or Oracle cards help empower people to understand who they are and how they can use a reading to guide and change their lives. Lindsey believes we are co-creators with the universe and divination allow us to approach life with a positive energy and spirit. In each reading she does, Lindsey helps clients access their inner wisdom and gain greater understanding of their lives.

Lindsey offers a life assessment through a tool called the MARI®, which is an acronym for Mandala Assessment Research Instrument. https://www.maricreativeresources.com/what-is-mari/ The MARI® uses symbols, color and life stages, providing a wholistic picture of a person at the time they undertake the MARI®. If you need clear direction and a panoramic understanding of where you might be headed, consider scheduling a MARI®.

Lindsey also teaches and uses a method of creating meaning with found imagery called SoulCollage®. She finds that SoulCollage® inspires and assist others in finding themselves. The SoulCollage® method allows each person to create a snapshot of each individual life and to clarify or sometimes codify events or situations. The process of creating helps heal the spirit. As a practice, SoulCollage® encourages self-expression and self-examination. It is a wonderful way to begin to create one’s own unique and supportive self-care system that can be used for decorating altars, asking life questions and for divination.

As an intuitive empath Lindsey uses other forms of divination including charms. She has studied charm casting with Carrie Paris and Kristen Allison. Additionally, Lindsey is a certified yoga teacher and certified aromatherapist. She also offers Reiki, (She is a Reiki Master Teacher) for humans and animals.

*Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor - LCPC

*Board Certified Chaplain - BCC

*Board Certified Telemental Health Provider - DCC

*Certified MARI® practitioner/teacher

*Board Certified Coach - BCC

*SoulCollage® Facilitator

*Reiki Master Teacher/Quantum Touch Practitioner

*Certified Animal and Crystal Reiki practitioner

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