Melissa G

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Facilitator, Access Bars, Artist

Melissa started her energetic journey back in 2015 after receiving a tarot card reading at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The tarot reading gave her guidance to try Reiki, the Japanese art form of meditation, relaxation and energetic healing. Who knew that this reading would lead her on this path!?

This new and exciting endeavor has led her to explore energy healing, while expanding and learning from various modalities. She is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and she is certified in Access Bars and level 2 AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation. She is working toward completing her level 3 and 4 certifications.

In addition, Melissa’s many talents include jewelry-design, painting, crochet and pottery. Come see some of her work on display at our studio.

As Melissa says: “An explorer of the arts, a creator of crafts and a dabbler in the divine, while my interests are vast, my motivation is simple... if it looks like fun and gives me joy, I try it! From crochet to painting or clay to jewelry making, I am willing to try my hand at anything. I grab inspiration from whatever is in front of me, and add some spark, pizazz or sometimes some glitter and create a new life form meant to bring joy to those who receive it!”

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